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released April 30, 2016



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The Greatest Distance Modena, Italy

The Greatest Distance is an Italian metalcore band formed in early 2015, consisting in Davide Gennari (vocals), Alessandro Paradisi (guitar), Daniele Martolini (guitar), Daniele Tomasini (bass) and Francesco Neri (drums).
Their debut EP 'TIDES', out 30/04/2016, was recorded and produced by Federico Ascari, Wavemotion Recordings.
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Track Name: Lantern
As weak as me, hidden in the dark. I can’t breathe, I want to come back to the start. You can’t imagine the void, I can feel the silence, I am alone. Cut off from the edge of the world, talking with my remaining thoughts. I need to cry, I could fill an ocean; but I see the light, I know that you’re alive. I want to die, so that I don’t suffer; but I can’t help, I hate being useless. Light it up. I’m on my knees shouting at no one. How can I survive without you? I am running in circles. Sail on, leave the shore behind. Are those cliffs made to conceal the lantern that’s already fading? This shipwreck isn’t meant to last longer, light will save us wanderers. I keep digging a hole in the water. I can see it now, it shines brighter: let me embrace the warmth of the lantern. I’ve never been so alone before. I am so far from relief but maybe there’s hope. Nothing will bring you back here with me, but there’s more to explore beyond this dark infinity.
Track Name: Caged
They stole my time but not my mind, spent too many hours inside. Now looking at the mirror all I see (I can see right now) is someone who grows up, someone who wasted countless years, but that refuses to get old. No dreams allowed in your fucking walls, no help from you to the one who falls. You were like a compass pointing to doubt, I encourage the fantasy that let me out. I should have opened my eyes before. Now you can’t stop me from waging a war. It’s been too long since I realized, the truth didn’t even hide. Incoherent, unqualified, you made them swallow all your filthy lies, liar. It seemed like you tried but imagination can do nothing but fly. My words against you are light like a feather. I call you deceiver, it makes me feel better. Black flag high in the sky so that you can see now I am the captain, get out of my ship. I will taste my revenge, you bastards. Do villains know they’re wrong? Fuck.
Track Name: The Greatest Distance
Reset the balance from the ashes of our broken past. Darkness on the course but this life is the only path. We stand up tall, take us as an instance: we will survive. Follow the songs of the sirens. Reach the goal, don’t get lost in the sunset. I’ll let you take the helm if you swear you’ll stare at the light at the end. Travelling timeless, escaping from the nightmare. Don’t forget our name: white moths leading you the flame. Scared of the journey, determined till the last day. Temptation cuts deep once you know the only obstacle. Years of dedication, still one flat sea navigation. Raise the anchor, hoist the sails: time is the real enemy. Reset the balance from the ashes of our broken past. Darkness on the course but this life is the only path. We stand up tall, take us an instance: we will survive the greatest distance.
Track Name: Drown In Anger
How can helping someone hurt you? This ocean is for one of us only. Disgust for improvement, disgust behind your mirror. I’d fill my everything of you and then kill myself, hoping you and your memories will die with me. I’m lost in the dark wide sea that I’m in every time I let you talk. I know that I shouldn’t… Drown in anger every time. I feel shivers down my spine. The solution is there but it’s like you don’t care at all. It’s awkward when you seem to be right and I’m not but you’ll be blind for ever while I can make that moment stop. Know you’re the heretic (watch yourself burn) in the eyes of the world. I am not obedient to that magic fake of a book. Come down from your fucking throne, watch yourself while you burn. Aren’t you done fighting a battle you will always lose? Now kneel before reality. (Sinking deeper with every lie). A fire burning, I won’t be fine. Drown in anger every fucking time.
Track Name: Take My Hand
Take my hand, I still have plenty of things to say. Take my hand, my mouth is full of the strength of the waves. Take my hand, bring me the joy I wished for along the way. Sometimes I like the cold that freezes me to sleep, I feel my soul abandoning me starting from my wrists. Drag me down into the water, taste my lack of breath while all I see becomes the void, eternal deep black. I traded the sword for the white flag, I gave up ‘cause I had enough. Call me a coward but I fought it first, while you were there watching me fall. I keep filling my life with illusions, vain words that cause corrosion. Wasted breath pulled out from our lungs, that wind pushes us far from the sun. But I am still here. Sometimes I like the cold that freezes me to sleep, but this I am strong enough to stand on my own feet. My scars have healed, they don’t hurt anymore, while all the void that once I saw comes back to its home. Take my hand, I will thank you as soon as I touch the sand. Take my hand and forbid me from diving again.