This song is angry towards a system that oppresses the curiosity of young people.


They stole my time but not my mind, spent too many hours inside. Now looking at the mirror all I see (I can see right now) is someone who grows up, someone who wasted countless years, but that refuses to get old. No dreams allowed in your fucking walls, no help from you to the one who falls. You were like a compass pointing to doubt, I encourage the fantasy that let me out. I should have opened my eyes before. Now you can’t stop me from waging a war. It’s been too long since I realized, the truth didn’t even hide. Incoherent, unqualified, you made them swallow all your filthy lies, liar. It seemed like you tried but imagination can do nothing but fly. My words against you are light like a feather. I call you deceiver, it makes me feel better. Black flag high in the sky so that you can see now I am the captain, get out of my ship. I will taste my revenge, you bastards. Do villains know they’re wrong? Fuck.


from Tides, released April 30, 2016



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The Greatest Distance Modena, Italy

The Greatest Distance is an Italian metalcore band formed in early 2015, consisting in Davide Gennari (vocals), Alessandro Paradisi (guitar), Daniele Martolini (guitar), Daniele Tomasini (bass) and Francesco Neri (drums).
Their debut EP 'TIDES', out 30/04/2016, was recorded and produced by Federico Ascari, Wavemotion Recordings.
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